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About Kristin

Helping you become the sex expert in your own life.

Kristin Hodson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist – and she's determined to make it easier for all of us to talk about sex, no matter where we are or where we started from.

Kristin is a mom to three wild things and a partner to her husband, Jake. They live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

A light sense of humor for tricky conversations

Kristin's approachable personality helps break sexuality into easily digestible pieces that empower people to develop their sexual identity, hone their sexual values, and improve communication.

Media Appearances

National Media

  • National Public Radio
  • Huffington Post Live
  • Women's Day Magazine
  • MTV

Regional Media

  • RadioWest
  • Studio5
  • Deseret News
  • Radio From Hell x96
  • Salt Lake City Magazine

Notable Collaborations

  • Dr. Gina Ogden
  • Dr. Tammy Nelson
  • Doug Braun-Harvey

Contact Kristin Hodson

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